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About Us

The online jungle can be a confusing and foreign place for many.

CB5 Management is a boutique Social Media Management Agency providing assistance to small, medium, and corporate clients. Located in Mackay, we are ready to assist a growing number of clients throughout Queensland and across Australia.

Our passion is Social Media and the way it can connect businesses to their customer base in ways that have never before been possible.

Think about this… If you wanted to advertise your business in a newspaper, you would call the local rag, they would design an advert and place it in the paper on a day of your choosing. The same applies to television, radio, phone directories and just about every other form of marketing. But… When it comes to social media, businesses are expected to work it out for themselves and do the graphic design in house.

This is where we step in. At CB5 we take a hands on approach. We believe in becoming a key member of your team – like a personal assistant for all things social media!  We get to know your business, help you decide the best things to talk about, collect your images and edit them to reflect your brand. We then post them to your social media platforms, monitor your page and respond to anyone that interacts, comments or asks a question. This real time interaction is the key difference between us and other marketing agencies. We talk to your potential customers, advocating and protecting your brand with the same professionalism and enthusiasm that you would.

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