Clinton Begg

Clinton Begg

Director Of CB5 Social Media Management

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Bots… It’s Time

Are you responding to your customers or potential customers on your social media platforms and your website?

Be truthful to yourself…

I was recently with a client updating them about a Facebook re-brand / setup that CB5 had just completed. They were so happy with the way the page looked, the plan we put in place and were optimistic about the opportunities that were about to open up for them.

I took the opportunity though to reinforce how the business would handle the messages that they’ll receive via their social media pages. I used the following analogy; would you let your phone ring without answering it? Would you allow your receptionist or sales staff to ignore your customers or have them wait unnecessarily when they walked through your front door?

Obviously you wouldn’t, a business wouldn’t be in business if they ignored their customers! Yet amazingly, even well intentioned business owners are often slow to respond to social media and website messages, or worse still, they don’t respond at all!

Over the next few weeks I will introduce you to real time messaging and “Bots”  and share with you how these can effectively be used to benefit your business.