Clinton Begg

Clinton Begg

Director Of CB5 Social Media Management

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Bots – Timing Is Everything

In my last blog I spoke about BOTS and the importance of integrating them within your business website and social platforms.

In this blog I will speak about the 24/7 digital society.

What do you think your customers’ expectations are of you online? Well I can tell you after much research, the first 5 minutes of a visitor arriving at your business website or social platforms are the most important. In fact your lead generation decreases by 10 fold if you do not engage your visitors (customers) on these digital platforms.

What do you think a customers’ response time expectation is? Drum roll… 40 minutes and decreasing! Currently data shows on average brand or business response times are up around 10 hours, if not a lot more.

Now going back to my original opening statement that we now live in a 24/7 digital society, you must adjust your business digital presence and account for the demanded customer response times.

If you don’t, your competitors will be.