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Clinton Begg

Director Of CB5 Social Media Management

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Why Customer Care Matters On Social Media

There’s a lot of advice floating around which practices work best for social media marketing, but only recently have people begun talking about social media customer care (SMCC).

A recent infographic from onlinewebsitebuilder in the UK reveals some interesting stats around this emerging sector.

What is it?

SMCC is the service of responding to your customer queries and complaints via social media. It’s not to be confused with conventional customer service, or traditional customer relations management.

Gone are the days when customers called a toll-free number when they wanted to reach a brand. The modern consumer, who seeks to be connected and acknowledged by the brands they support.

The Proof is in the Pudding

To succeed online, a business must focus on customer-centered services and meeting unique demands.

Making your company available to address customer concerns via social media is one of the best ways to do that in 2018 and beyond.

Of the top companies that have successfully adopted SMCC practices, KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) generates $25M in annual revenue just from their social media customer care.

Starbucks was able to launch more than 300 product improvements from using ideas that customers shared on Twitter back in 2012.

While Acme Telecommunications increased ROI by 272% in three years, and decreased customer care cost by 10% and cost per contact by 37%.

Listen to the numbers

The statistics tell us that best-in-class customer care can cause an 81% increase in annual revenue from customer referrals, when properly executed on social media. Even better, companies with the best SMCC practices can increase their customer retention by up to 92%.

These are just some of the facts that prove how useful SMCC is to modern businesses and consumers. To learn more, check out the full infographic.

This article was written and published by SMK Social Media Knowledge. You can read the original article here or visit their website here.