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Social Media Management

Given the power of Social Media these days, many marketing agencies are offering to manage business’ Social Media platforms. Most of these agencies will create advertising campaigns and post these on your page.

While this is great (and something we do for our clients aswell) this is only one small part of what we believe is TRUE Social Media Management.

We don’t just manage your Facebook ads… We take care of everything.

Management packages


Social Setup

“Social Setup” is where you remain in control with a bit of help from us. We consult with you to help strategise, curate the best content and learn the tricks to manage a successful business Social Media page.

  • One off or regular consultation & training sessions.
  • Ad-hoc artwork and graphics.

Basic Package

Our full service Social Media Management starts here. This package is aimed at small business’ that want a current and professional social media presence but want to keep costs to a minimum. Essentially we take care of everything so you and your staff can focus on what you’re better at!

  • Management & Setup of your Social Media platforms.
  • Regular posts using supplied or stock images.
  • Imagery customised to reflect your business style and branding.
  • Real Time Response & Interaction with followers.

Standard Package

Sitting on the next branch is our “Standard Package”. Aimed at medium to large businesses with a big story to tell or a lot of products to showcase. We include more of everything… More posts, more platforms more artwork!

  • More of everything included in the basic package.
  • We seek to become an extension of your team, where we can act on your behalf more autonomously and provide more complete communication within your guidelines (eg: making bookings, providing prices or indicating stock availability)

Advanced Package

Our advanced packages can be customised for any size business and we tailor our services to suit your needs or aspirations. It includes everything you need and nothing you don’t!

Some examples might be…

  • We can manage multiple locations – for different stores or branches.
  • We can manage multiple profiles – such as ‘personal pages’ for CEO’s and managers.
  • Collect and curate material from multiple locations or staff members on your behalf.
  • Maybe your marketing department provides all the imagery but you need us to take care of the rest.

If it relates to social media, chances are we can put something together for you!

Facebook Services

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Facebook Applications​

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Instagram Services

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