Clinton Begg

Clinton Begg

Director Of CB5 Social Media Management

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Social Media & Small Business

With the Queensland Small Business Week coming up in a few weeks I felt it was a great opportunity to put a few thoughts down about the importance of social media & small business.

In a competitive market place, small business must find opportunities to showcase their wares with the best possible marketing tools afforded to them. Social media allows business to do this – to a point and with caution.

Like any medium, large or corporate identity, small businesses require a social media plan or strategy to target their current and prospective audience. In other words, you have to have a reason why you are using a social media platform in the first place. Content that carries a great story or an important message is always a fantastic starting point, but the image or video being used within a post must also be of quality.

While social media is a more relaxed medium than other marketing channels – and you can have some fun with it – it’s important not to fall in the trap of losing your professional look and possibly damaging your reputation. Make sure shared content fits your message and company image. Remember that sometimes a joke or meme that you and your staff love may not translate well with the wider public or your potential clients. Finally, when creating your own content, too often I see business using grainy or blurry images and videos that are barley watchable! The best single tip I could offer is to take photos and video while holding your phone sideways! This way the recording will be in the same orientation as a regular TV or computer screen, instantly giving you a more quality feel.

While many small business owners try hard to engage with social media to promote their business they have to remember that this is not their personal page and like any marketing, professionalism and consistency is key. Just like many of the majors, brand protection through use of social media platforms should be at the forefront of a small business owner’s mind.

Are you protecting your small business and sending the right messages?

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